"Safety Through Education” A statement as important in the commercial diving industry as any other trade or profession. Worksafe BC and the Canadian Standards Association work together to provide a standard for safe diving practices across Canada. Our training programs follow these standards to provide you with the best training in the country. Our Unrestricted SCUBA 40m program has been audited and accredited by Divers Certification Board of Canada (DCBC), an organization committed to diving safety and promoting DCBC certification around the world.
Our Commitment to “Safety Through Education” goes a step further. Our Director Cory Beaudry attends and contributes to the creation of these standards for safe diving!

For more information regarding Diver Certification Board of Canada visit their website www.divercertification.com

Occupational Scuba Diver Unrestricted 30M -

november 14th to december 8th 2017

Dive Accident Management & O2 Therapy -

november 21st 2017

Occupational Enriched Air Diver -

november 28th 2017

Coming soon - dcbc accredited restricted surface supply diver 30m by may 2017

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