Occupational Enriched Air Diver


This course is a three-day program - 30 hours. WCB requires divers working for an employer or contractor who use nitrox to have training about the safe uses and risks of Nitrox. Most dive companies on Vancouver Island are using Nitrox on a daily bases.

Day one we focus on the Nitrox diver part of the course. This will allow the diver to use Nitrox mixtures ranging from 22% - 40%. We learn about the history,divetables and gas formulas that are related to Nitrox and more!

Day two is the Blending technician part of the commercial nitrox program. We also teach the various methods of blending Nitrox and actuall mix our own gas for our dives on day 3.

Day three is filled with completing 2 dives to the wrecks- Mackenzie and/or the GB Church.

Occupational SCUBA

Course: $700
Books/Tables/Nitrox: $75 plus PST + GST

All Tuition due on first day of training