Dive Accident Management / Oxygen Therapy


This program has been specially designed for the working diver or support personal in BC. This program is covered at no extra charge when taking the SCUBA course and all Tender programs.

This program is different for the non-diver than the diver, as we cover topics in basic form such as diving physics, anatomy and equipment. The non-diver program has been designed for Emergency Medical personal located on site in mills and other large industries where divers may be employed. These people may be the initial first-aiders on site.

This 3-day course is mandatory for all persons working on the dive site! Intratek Diving is the only training agency in BC where the instructors are not only qualified OFA III trained but are qualified paramedics as well as Occupational Diver Instructors. We not only know our job but we know your job too!

CPR, WCB OFA 1 minimum


Manual/Workbook: $40